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Translated reply


	Replies in this listserver should be made in english. For those people
who do not speak French, a rough translation is:

Hello Laurent,

We finished developing the cuts along an unspecified section, script is not yet
"valid", if you are interrested I can send it to you.

If you try to build a table, look in the routine vertical_section.jnl in the
directory ferret/go. If you do not understand, telephone.

On Aug 28, 12:49pm, Rolande Tournier wrote:
> Subject: Re: your mail
> Salut Laurent,
> Nous avons fini de developper les coupes le long d'une section quelconque,
> le script n'est pas encore "valide", si ca t'interresse je peux te le
> filer.
> Si tu essayes de construire un tableau regardes dans la routine
> vertical_section.jnl dans la directory ferret/go. Si tu comprends pas
> telephone.

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 verschell@neptune.gsfc.nasa.gov    Code 970/Lab. for Hydrospheric Proc.
 301-286-2027  Fax: 301-286-1761    Greenbelt, MD 20771

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