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Bonjour a tous

I cannot find among ferret examples how to plot an 'hydrographic section'
(i.e. a vertical broken plane). In some sense, the problem I have not been
able to solve is only how to code with ferret the following fortran DO
loop :

        (some initailizations ...)
        DO 500 N = 1,NSTA-1  ! NSTA number of hydrographic stations
          DD = .... ! DD distance between 2 stations
          LM1 = MAX(1,NINT(DD))
          XXE = (XSTA(N+1)-XSTA(N))/LM1 ! XSTA and YSTA coordinates
          YYE = (YSTA(N+1)-YSTA(N))/LM1 ! (given) of the stations
                                        ! LM1 number of points I want to
                                        ! fill between 2 stations
          DO L = 1,LM1
            K = K+1
            XCOUPE(K) = XSTA(N)+XXE*FLOAT(L) ! XCOUPE and YCOUPE coord.
            YCOUPE(K) = YSTA(N)+YYE*FLOAT(L) ! of the points where I want
                                             ! to interpolate the 3D field
 500    CONTINUE


Laurent Mortier

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