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Map Projections

  Hi -

On Friday I downloaded and installed FERRET on a DEC AlphaStation (thanks
for the detailed installation instructions).  After having gone through the
tutorial and several of the demos, I have become impressed with FERRET and
I may switch to it as my primary graphics package.  But before I can make
that decision, I hope to have a question specific to my research needs

My research involves the use of a regional climate model. I use two
different map projections with this model: (1) rotated Mercator projection
(rotated to a pole other than the equator, say 40N) and (2) Lambert
conformal projection (true at 30N and 60N).  Does FERRET support these
map projections?  If so, are the data plotted in the raw form or are they
first interpolated to a more standard grid and then plotted?  If not, how
are the other regional climate modelers dealing with this issue?  Previous
emails to the user support group indicate that these map projections are
supported, however, it seems that they are only supported for special
cases (e.g. Mercator with the equator as the pole).  I would appreciate
any information on the matter.

  Thank you for your time,

  - Jeremy

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