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Axis limits

Dear ferreters

I'm a begginer in using ferret and I think this question is easy for someone.

I have a grid with 76 col x 160 lines and I've used the syntax below:

DEFINE AXIS/X=60W:15E:1/UNIT=degrees xteste
DEFINE AXIS/T="10-OCT-1992":"05-FEB-1997":9.91/UNITS=DAYS tteste
DEFINE GRID/X=xteste/T=tteste gteste
FILE/VAR=teste/COLUMNS=76/GRID=gteste my_data.dat
CONTOUR/FILL/LEVELS=(-15,15,2) teste

When I want to "cut" my data and plot longitude at X-axis from 40W to 8E, I used


The problem is that the result is a graphic with the data plotted in a narrow 
band on the left side of the graphic and the tickmarks are 60W, 160W and 100E.

What have I done wrong??

Thanks for all.


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