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Re: Suppress LISTing statement?

Hi Mark,

There is no way to suppress the "Listing to ..." message from Ferret (as of V4.91).

I will add a request for  "LIST/QUIET" as a new feature in the next version of

    - steve


Mark A. Verschell wrote:

> I am writing a GO tool that uses the LIST command frequently. The tool seems
> correctly debugged at this time, and I have added the /CANCEL MODE VERIFY
> command to the top to turn off the echoing of the commands as they are
> executed. However, everytime I use the LIST command I get output like:
>  LISTing to file tmpcom.csh
> Since I may be using the LIST command tens to hundreds of time per call to this
> GO tool, I was wondering if there was some way to surpress the informational
> line that seems to go with each call to list?
>         Thanks, Mark Verschell
> P.S., In case any one is interested, the GO tool I am writing allows a user to
> define any number of virtual-tracers at arbitrary locations, and then produce a
> lagrangian tracer diagram for a time-evolving velocity field. I could make this
> available to individuals, or I would allow it to be included in the contrib
> directory if Steve Hankin would be interested. At this point I just need to
> complete the documentation.
> --
>  Mark Verschell                     NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
>  verschell@neptune.gsfc.nasa.gov    Code 970/Lab. for Hydrospheric Proc.
>  301-286-2027  Fax: 301-286-1761    Greenbelt, MD 20771


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                |  Seattle, WA 98115-0070  |  hankin@pmel.noaa.gov

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