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problems with ferret

Dear ferreters,

I am having a problem that I cannot solve myself, so I ask anybody's help.
We have been running ferret for several years. Recently (20 days ago)
we installed the new (4.91) version, that was working properly. But -I
don't know why- today when I tried to access to the program I received 
the message
ld.so.1: ferret: fatal: relocation error: symbol not found: rindex: referenced in ferret
The same thing is ocurring in every machine of our network. What is even
more curious is that if I try again initializing ferret after that
message the program seems to work but I cannot see what I write and
that last problem persists even after I exit the program.
Does anybody have a sugestion? Thank you in advance   
                         Claudia Simionato (claudias@at1.fcen.uba.ar)
                         Pab.II 2do. piso          
                         Ciudad Universitaria  
                         (1428)Buenos Aires
                         Phone:(541)787-2693      Fax:(541)788-3572

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