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Re: Writing FORTRAN readable output

It does, this can be done formatted or unformatted. An example: a 2-d file
(X and Y), that is 100 by 100 in dimension.

yes? use mydata
yes? list/file=mydata.dat/form=(e12.4)/nohead temp
This produces a file mydata.dat with 1 column. This could be read in fortran:
      do j=1,100
	 do i=1,100
            read(11,'(2e12.4)') temp(i,j)

yes? use mydata
yes? list/file=mydata.dat/form=unfor/nohead temp
This produces a file mydata.dat. This could be read in fortran:
      do j=1,100
         read(11) (temp(i,j),i=1,100)

Hope this helps, Mark Verschell

On Jun 30,  8:21pm, Wm. Schulz wrote:
> Subject: Writing FORTRAN readable output
> After displaying a 2-D file of netCDF data, does FERRET allow re-writing
> that data to an array which would then be easily readable into a
> FORTRAN  progam? Thanks -
>-- End of excerpt from Wm. Schulz

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