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Re: Rotating time axis labels


Well, I've managed to figure out a reasonable work around for my problem with
the year labels via regridding to a non calendar axis. Still, if anybody knows
how to rotate the labels without the regridding I'd be glad to hear.

!sst has monthly values jan 1987 to dec 1996 

!define an axis shifted back  by six months

def axis/t=1986.5417:1996.4583/npoints=120 tnew

set region/x=40:100/y=0/l=1:120

! Regrid by subscript association
shade/set sst[gl=tnew@asn]

! Set major Y tic marks to length zero, minor tic mark will delimit years
ppl tics ,,0.1,0

! Integer format for years
ppl yfor "(I4)"

! Label every Y major tic mark
ppl axlint ,1

! Force a minor tic mark between each pair of major tics on Y axis
ppl axnmtc ,1

ppl shade

Russ Fiedler

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