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Re: scaling vector

Hi Dongxiao,

	I have done it, but it's been awhile. Here are some basic guidelines

1) For each plot, use the /set_up qualifier in addition to any other qualifiers
2) To supress the scaling vector for each plot use the ppl veckey command with
   no arguments
3) For the last plot use the veckey command to place the scaling vector where
   you want.

Example (with 2 plots):
yes? set viewport upper
yes? vector/set_up/l=1 tx, ty
yes? ppl veckey
yes? ppl vector
yes? set viewport lower
yes? vector/set_up/l=2 tx, ty
yes? ppl veckey,10,-20
yes? ppl vector


On Jun 4, 10:38am, Dongxiao Zhang wrote:
> I am trying to put 10 vector plots together in one page. The one thing
> bothered me is every single vector plot has its scale vector outside the
> box and taking extra space. All the ten vector plots have the same scale
> (vector/len=100---), there is no reason to have 10 vectors in one page to
> show the same scale.
> Have anyone tried to supress the scaling vector automatically generated by
> "vector" command and draw one at the user desired position?

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