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Re: 8 plots/page

Hi Ilana,

You need to make use of the user defined viewports. A crude example that would
generate 8 plots is:

define viewport/xl=0.0:0.5/yl=0.00:0.25 v1
define viewport/xl=0.0:0.5/yl=0.25:0.50 v2
define viewport/xl=0.0:0.5/yl=0.50:0.75 v3
define viewport/xl=0.0:0.5/yl=0.75:1.00 v4
define viewport/xl=0.5:1.0/yl=0.00:0.25 v5
define viewport/xl=0.5:1.0/yl=0.25:0.50 v6
define viewport/xl=0.5:1.0/yl=0.50:0.75 v7
define viewport/xl=0.5:1.0/yl=0.75:1.00 v8

Then you just cycle through v1-v8 with:
set viewport v1
set viewport v8

The default axis lengths and offsets may not work well and you may want to
change these (through pplus commands).


On May 26,  3:36pm, Ilana Wainer wrote:
> Subject: 8 plots/page
> How can I get 8 plots (or an arbitrary number > 4) into a page?

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