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Time indicator on Ferret animations

Hi David,

As I mentioned in a previous message, an example of this type of
animated time indicator can be found in the animation at


We have placed the scripts that were used to generate that animation
on-line at


(Thanks go to Kevin O'Brien for this work!)

	- steve


David S. Dimitriou wrote:
> tia
> Heres my question:
> I have a plot of a time series of arctic ice concentrations with % on y-axis
> and time on x-axis. I put this in the lower portion of a movie of arctic ice
> concentrations. Is there a way to indicate along the curve of the time series
> the date. What I want is the value on the time series curve which corresponds
> with the timeframe being displayed in the movie to be marked. So I would have a
> dot/symbol/whatever moving from left to right on top of the time series curve.
> thanks again,
> dave dimitriou


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