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On Wed, 13 May 1998, David S. Dimitriou wrote:

> Hello Dongxiao Zhang,
> 	I wish I had the answer to your question. I'd like to do something
> similar but have not been able to do so yet. If you find out how, please let me
> know .
> Thanks,
> LT David Dimitriou
> Naval Post Graduate School
> Monterey, CA

Hi David,

Mark kindly answered my question yesterday. See the the email as the
following. Thanks Mark! Another way to do it is that describe the variable
you want to plot as symbols in a netcdf file. Load it in ferret, and
plot/over/sym=20 XXX 

Note:the time axis have to
be consistent with the one you used to plot the time series (use SHOW
GRID/T to check it, as Mark suggested). Also see my adcp.cdl as a example,
followed Mark's email. 

Regards, dongxiao

>I think I understand what you are trying to do. If you already have a
>displayed that is a time series of transports, and you want to add one
>a couple) special symbols to correspond to a shipboard measured value.

>This could be done with the label command. I recently described to
>how to do this interactively. Refer to that message of yesterday for
>specifics. For example though (ferret commands capitilized):
>PLOT/SET time_series
>PPLUS LABS,1,,,,"@SM40"
>This would allow you to place a diamond at an interactively chosen
>Refer to the pplus_fonts.ps file and the pplus documentation for how to
>choose symbols from the various pplus fonts available.
>Again, as mentioned in the previous message, the interactive coordinates
>will be echoed in a file "fort.41", and this can be modified to plot the
>exactly where you want. And if nothing else - this can be used to examine
>timesteps to make sure your value for tt is reasonable. This can also be
>by doing the ferret command:
> Mark Verschell                     NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
> verschell@neptune.gsfc.nasa.gov    Code 970/Lab. for Hydrospheric Proc.
> 301-286-2027  Fax: 301-286-1761    Greenbelt, MD 20771

netcdf adcp {
	NEWTIME1 = UNLIMITED ; // (3 currently)
	double NEWTIME1(NEWTIME1) ;
		NEWTIME1:units = "HOURS since 1901-01-15 00:00:00" ;
		NEWTIME1:time_origin = "15-JAN-1901" ;
		TRANSS:missing_value = -1.e+34f ;
		TRANSS:_FillValue = -1.e+34f ;
		TRANSS:long_name = "transport from shipboard ADCP" ;

// global attributes:
		:history = "FERRET V4.90 (GUI) 02-May-98" ;
		:title = "Transport" ;


 NEWTIME1 = 823608, 825456, 826632; 
 TRANSS = 12.3, 10.8, 18.1;

Dongxiao Zhang (Ph.D. Student)
Division of Meteorology and Physical Oceanography
Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science
4600 Rickenbacker Causeway
Miami, FL 33149
Phone  : (305)361-4806
Fax    : (305)361-4696
Office : MSC Room 309

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