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Time Axis Labels

Dear ferreters, 
I'm trying to customize a time-latitude contour plot. Say I have 
a monthly time axis for a specific year, then ferret 
writes abbreviations of the months onto the axis and the  
year below it. I'd like to change or omit the year (and maybe the monthly) 
label. Attempts to do this with "ppl xlab .." fail though. 
I have similar problems using 
user coordinates with the label command and can't figure out how they 
need to be specified. Seems like using a time axis as an x/y-axis needs  
to be treated as in a special way. 
Does anybody have a clou and knows how this can be done? 


Nils H. Rix
Dept. Theor. Oceanogr.            phone: (nat.)     0-431-597-3986
Inst. f. Meereskunde                   : (int.)  ++49-431-597-3986
Duesternbrookerweg 20               fax:         ++49-431-565-876
24105 Kiel, FRG                   e-mail: nrix@ifm.uni-kiel.de 

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