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Standard section palette

David and others,

The palette used in the figure David mentions (blue - red for ocean
temps) is part of the regular Ferret distribution and is named

To see all the palettes available, at your Unix prompt type:

unix> Fpalette '*'

-- Jon

> Not long ago I sent an email inquiring about the standard color 
> maps (spectrum files or palettes) used for plotting oceanographic 
> variable sections. If anyone has taken the trouble to create these 
> palettes and would like to share them with all us ferreters they 
> would be much appreciated. 
> One such palette, which is typically used to in sigma unit plots 
> (eg sigma-t, sigma-4, etc), is the green-red spectrum. For an example 
> of this palette see: 
> http://tmap.pmel.noaa.gov/ferret/New_Features/gifs/ortho_globe.gif 

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