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Re: Inset plots

Hi David,

Here's the example you'll see from "GO/HELP split_list" together with an inset


SET DATA levitus_climatology
go split_z FILL "/lev=(0,4,.5)(0,30,2)" "temp[X=160W,Y=45S:45N]" 0 500 4000 0.4
define view/xlimits=.6:.9/ylimits=.3:.5 ins
set view ins
go magnify 1.8	! optional
ppl box on    	! optional
contour/k=1 temp


To make a split-Z style plot inside another viewport make yourself a modified
copy of split_z.jnl and change the "define viewport" lines in the script. Those
lines will allow you to position the viewports used by split_z any place that
you want.

Note that there are various techniques for coloring the background of the
inset. Here's a brute force method:
yes? go magnify 100
yes? shade/palette=white/i=1:2/j=1:2/lev=(0)/nolab 0*i*j
yes? ppl axset 0,0,0,0
yes? shade/palette=white/i=1:2/j=1:2/lev=(0)/nolab 0*i*j

I hope this helps - steve


On Apr 10,  4:27pm, David Oxilia wrote:
> Subject: Inset plots
> Hello all,
> I am using a modified version of the "split_z" routine to plotting
> sections of sound speed related quantities. I believe the split_z
> cannot be used with viewports as it already makes use of them.
> Nontheless, I would like to superimpose a small (regular) plot within
> the frame of a larger plot produced with the aid of split_z. Is this
> possible? If so, how do I position my "inset" plot within the axes
> of the main plot?
> thanks, David.
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