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Announcing Ferret V4.91 (BETA)

          * * * Announcing Ferret Version 4.91 BETA * * *

       * * * for Solaris, Digital Unix, Linux, and SGI * * *

Version 4.91 "Beta 3" of Ferret is a stable, nearly final release of Ferret
that fixes bugs from version 4.90. To install this version, download the file
V491B3_FERRET_EXECUTABLE from the Ferret Web site or anonymous ftp site:

	Web address:   http://www.ferret.noaa.gov/
	anonymous ftp: ftp.ferret.noaa.gov

If you make extensive use of Ferret in your analyses or visualizations leading
to publication, we ask that you please acknowledge Ferret in your publications.
Let us know about your publication by sending email to ferret@pmel.noaa.gov.

Below, in brief, are the new/improved features that you will find in version
4.9/4.91. For more complete documentation please see

    V4.91 Release Notes:  http://tmap.pmel.noaa.gov/home/ferret/ug/

Note that V491B3_FERRET_EXECUTABLE contains the executables, only; it does not
contain the scripts and data files that are new as of V4.90. If you have not
previously installed V4.90 then you will also need to download and install the
file fer_environment.tar.Z before downloading V491B3_FERRET_EXECUTABLE (see
README and ferret_install_and_update_guide). We plan to release the official
V4.91 fairly soon after this beta release (est. 8 weeks).

	Happy Ferreting


New/enhanced features:

1) Graphics support for sigma and curvilinear coordinate models

The SHADE, and FILL commands in Ferret are able directly to plot
non-rectangular (continuous) grids. A detailed FAQ has been provided to
illustrate the techniques. See the "curvilinear coordinates" FAQ at:

2) Map projections

The same technique that enable Ferret to plot sigma coordinates
also support a wide range of map projections. Scripts have been provided
that support Bonne, Craster Parabolic, Eckert Grifendorff, Eckert III&V,
Hammer, Lambert Cylindrical Equal Area, McBryde Flat Polar Parabolic,
Orthographic, Plate Caree, Polyconic, Sinusoidal, Stereographic Equatorial,
Stereographic (North and South), Vertical Perspective, Wagner VII, and
Winkel I projections.

3) "Grid-changing" functions

A new class of functions has been introduced into Ferret for which the
result of the function may be on a different grid from the original
data. As of version 4.9 3 funtions of this type have been added

	UNRAVEL(A) - treat entire sub-grid as a line of data

	RESHAPE(A,B) - which recasts grid A onto grid B
		(convert multi-year monthly data into yearxmonth grid)

	ZAXREPLACE - a tool for sigma coordinate models and for conversions
		between (say) depth-based and density-based grids.

In version 5 of Ferret this class of functions will be used to provide
allow users to write their own FORTRAN or C functions into Ferret.
Fourier transforms , EOFs, etc., will be included in version 5 using these
functions. (External functions are already running in an Alpha version of
Ferret. If you have urgent need of this functionality you may contact us.)

4) Batch operation.

The command   "ferret -gif"   will run Ferret in a mode which is
completely detached from any windowing system. This makes it much
simpler to use Ferret from remote dial-in terminals, in batch
applications. Look to see Ferret fully embedded in a Web browser GUI
in near future versions (prototypes already running).

5) Support for 24 bit graphic systems

Ferret V4.9 can run on color systems of greater than 8 bit depth.

6) New transforms and regridding modes have been added that help with
creating grids from in-situ data.
	G=@XACT (regrid only at exact coordinate match)
	@CDA (return closest distance above to nearest valid point)
	@CDB (return closest distance below to nearest valid point)
	@CIA (return closest index    above to nearest valid point)
	@CIB (return closest index    below to nearest valid point)


		|  NOAA/PMEL               |  ph. (206) 526-6080  
Steve Hankin	|  7600 Sand Point Way NE  |  FAX (206) 526-6744
		|  Seattle, WA 98115-0070  |  hankin@pmel.noaa.gov

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