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Re: time axis syntax error

On Apr 6,  4:00pm, T D Bess wrote:
> Subject: time axis syntax error
> I'm trying to create a netCDF file from monthly time
> series data over multiple years. I keep getting this
> syntax error
> 	command syntax: 1-jan-88:12:00
> 	def axis/t="1-jan-88:12:00":"31-dec-88:12:00":12/units=months tax1
> 	command file, command group, or REPEAT execution aborted.
> Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
> Dale bess
>-- End of excerpt from T D Bess

Yes, replace the 88's with 1988's. Remember the year 2K problem!

def axis/t="1-jan-1988:12:00":"31-dec-1988:12:00":12/units=months tax1

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