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Re: Lagrangian coordinates

Hi Lynn,

Have a look at this script (supplied with Ferret):

	yes? GO/help scattered_vectors.jnl

You'll find an example of using it in "GO/help centered_vectors" (not
"centered_grids" as the documentation indicates).

I think this will do what you are after.

	- steve


On Mar 30, 11:50am, Lynn deWitt wrote:
> Subject: Lagrangian coordinates
> I would like to plot a vector field in Lagrangian coordinates using Ferret.
> I have somewhat of an idea how it could be done by re-gridding at each time
> step, but was wondering if there are already GO files written to help with
> the process?  Thanks!
> Lynn deWitt
> ldewitt@pfeg.noaa.gov
> Pacific Fisheries Environmental Laboratories
> 1352 Lighthouse Avenue
> Pacific Grove, CA 93950-2097
> (408)-648-0610
>-- End of excerpt from Lynn deWitt

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