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(Fwd) Re: Vertical integrals


	Unfortunately, I will only be able to suggest some things for you to
try since there isn't enough info in your message to diagnose it fully.

So, since you are going from 0 to the bottom - here are things to try:

1) What it the value of Integrand for z>H(x,y)? If it is set to a value that
ferret knows is bad, then you can just integrate over the full range of z:

yes? let Integral = Integrand[z=@DIN]

Where the values are bad, ferret will leave them out of the calculation.

2) Define a variable with an if test:

yes? let dinter = if z gt H then Integrand
yes? let Integral = dinter[z=@DIN]


On Mar 25,  4:08pm, Simon Evans wrote:
> Subject: Vertical integrals
>    Hello,
>     I'm stuck trying to do a vertcial integral from the sea floor
>  z=H(x,y) to the surface, z=0. It seems that when X and Y are single-
>  valued, for example through
>     set region/x=100/y=100
>  then something like
>    let Integral = Integrand[z=0:`H`@DIN]
>  works fine. However, for a variable region like
>    set region/x=0:100/y=0:100
>  the above falls over, since the expression contained in the grave marks
>  is no longer scaler.
>     I've played with various things based on WEQ, but without success.
>  Also no help in the FAQ, nor (I think) in the mailing list archives.
>  Can anyone help?
>-- End of excerpt from Simon Evans

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