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Re: time units in ferret & netcdf

As usual Steve supplies the most elegant method!

In case of model months (what steve calls abstract, e.g. when the year is 360
days with 12 thirty day months), I use a very easy method for generating the
time axis. Here's an example:

Let's say I have 20 years of model runs with monthly output, representing the
years 1975 to 1994, then I define the time axis:

define axis/t="15-jan-1975:12:00":"15-dec-1994:12:00"/npoints=240 mytime

where 240 is 12 months*20 years. This places the time steps pretty closely to
mid month for the whole 20 years.

If you really want to represent model years as 1,2,...20 (for example), you can

def ax/t="15-jan-0001:12:00":"15-dec-0002:12:00"/np=240/t0="01-jan-0000" mytime

This labels everything but the first year correctly (the years 0 and 1 are
special in ferret and are considered climatological years). There is probably
some way elegant way around this - I usually just change the axis label
definitions when plotting.


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