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Re: How to make ppl pen work ?

> I'm not entirely sure what you are going for, but if you want the
> labels, etc... dark you need pen 0, not pen 1 (pen 0 is the background
> pen, pens 1+ are for user labels and lines, etc...)
> try pen 0,7 then pen 0,13

OK, I tried "ppl pen 0,13" and it made the axes titles in bold.  It is
nice to know this, but what I would like is to have contour lines
thicker.  I tried "ppl pen 1,13" up to "ppl pen 8,13" but nothing
worked.  I could see no difference in the plots (tried with the tutorial
and levitus_demo).

Michel Beland                 beland@CERCA.UMontreal.CA
professionnel de recherche    tel: (514)369-5223  fax: (514)369-3880
CERCA (CEntre de Recherche en Calcul Applique)
5160, boul. Decarie, bureau 400(423), Montreal (Quebec), Canada, H3X 2H9

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