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How to make ppl pen work ?


A colleague of mine wants print ferret color plots on transparencies.
He printed a few, but the output looks horrible when you look at it on
the screen.  It seems that black lines are not opaque enough so that you
do not see them clearly.  Is there a way to make the lines more opaque
or is it a problem with the color printer (a Tektronix Phaser III PXi) ?

We tried to change the line thickness.  The line_thickness demo
tells me that if I use "ppl pen 1,13", we should get a thick black line.
Unfortunately, it does not work with the code below.  Can someone tell
me what is wrong ?

file /var=lats/columns=1 lats.gauss
define axis/x=0:354.375:5.625/unit=degrees x64
define axis/y/from_data/name=y32/unit=degrees lats
define grid/x=x64/y=y32 g64x32

file /var=sst/grid=g64x32/format=UNFORMATTED/COLUMNS=`64*32` t6difall 

set region /x=100W:360E /y=0:90N
ppl pen 1,13
ppl shakey 1,1,0,0,-3
fill /line/key/title="T_air apm dif"/lev=(-0.40,0.30,0.05) sst 

go land

Michel Beland                 beland@CERCA.UMontreal.CA
professionnel de recherche    tel: (514)369-5223  fax: (514)369-3880
CERCA (CEntre de Recherche en Calcul Applique)
5160, boul. Decarie, bureau 400(423), Montreal (Quebec), Canada, H3X 2H9

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