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Re: I want off

Almost anytime you want to get the commands for a list_server you send a
message to the Majordomo at the list_server address: I.e.:

mail to Majordomo@ferret.wrc.noaa.gov with the single line in the message body
of help

Doing this you get all the relevant commands, which shows that you can
unsubscribe by:

    unsubscribe <list> [<address>]
	Unsubscribe yourself (or <address> if specified) from the named <list>.

Thus, for example, you send a message to Majordomo@ferret.wrc.noaa.gov, with
one of the following lines in the body of the message:

unsubscribe ferret_users

this should work (if your current address is the same as you originally
registered with) or to be completely explicit:

unsubscribe ferret_users "Dave Musgrave" <musgrave@blackburn.ims.UAF.EDU>


unsubscribe ferret_users "Wanqiu Wang" <wd52ww@sgi94.wwb.noaa.gov>

If these don't work, then it is possible that your current mailing addresses
don't match the one you registered to the list on. You can check this by
sending the single line who ferret_users to Majordomo@ferret.wrc.noaa.gov and
if you get a message that says that you aren't a registered user, then your
current email address is different, and if you can't figure it out then I would
send a message to Steve Hankin and ask him to remove you (after you try the
other ways).

I checked the list, and the only Musgrave is at musgrave@ims.alaska.edu and the
only wang is wang@uiatma.atmos.uiuc.edu, so maybe you registered there, and now
have .forwards set up to your current addresses.


Then, you c

 Mark Verschell                     NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
 verschell@neptune.gsfc.nasa.gov    Code 970/Lab. for Hydrospheric Proc.
 301-286-2027  Fax: 301-286-1761    Greenbelt, MD 20771

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