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Re: Non-monotonic axes?


	Yes, it's quite easy to do this.

	Of course, you probably want to know HOW to do this (sorry, it's been a
long day):

First, set up a fortran variable that contains your explicit depths. I.e. is
you can type

LIST mydepths

and see them, then you are fine - (you could put them in an ascii file and read
them in for example).

Now, the only change you need to your original code is:

  def axis/depth/z/npoints=33/unit="meters"/name=zax/from_data mydepths

and this will then give you a file with the explicit depths.


On Feb 18,  1:22pm, David Oxilia wrote:
> Subject: Non-monotonic axes?
> I'd like to convert a binary dataset into netCDF. The data consists
> of global 1x1 degree gridded fields with 33 vertical levels at a
> single time point.
> With exception of the vertical axis the conversion is straight
> forward. The problem with the vertical axis is that it corresponds
> to 33 levels of non-monotonic increasing depths.
> Is it somehow possible to define a non-monotonic depth axis? At
> the moment the code to read in the binary data is as follows:
>   ! Define temperature grid
>   def axis/x=0.5E:0.5W/npoints=360/unit=deg xax
>   def axis/y=89.5S:89.5N/npoints=180/unit=deg yax
>   def axis/z=1:33/npoints=33/unit="levels" zax
>   def grid/x=xax/y=yax/z=zax gg
>   ! Read temperature data
>   file/form=unf/order=xyz/grid=gg/var=temp temp_u.bin
>   set var/tit="Temperature"/unit="deg C" temp
> Is it possible to modify this in order to have a real depth axis
> at the 33 vertical levels without having to re-grid onto a
> monotonic depth axis?
> thanks, David.
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