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Re: Reverse data

> > fill /line/key/title="Total Precipitation (mm)"/i=1:144/j=1:73 precip

> Here's what you have to do (for now):

[ Solution deleted ]

I think I will write a Fortran program to reverse the data, it will be
much simpler...

> Ferret is capable of reversing data that it reads from a NetCDF file,
> although it is not presently capable of doing the same from an ASCII
> or binary file.

> PS: We will be adding a "@REV" (reversal) transform in a near future
> version that will make solving this problem much simpler.

I thought that using something like

fill /line/key/title="Total Precipitation (mm)"/i=1:144/j=73:1:-1 precip

would do the trick, but no such luck...  How would one use @REV ?

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