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Re: reading past header records


When reading these files with set data/EZ (or the "file" alias for that
command) you can use the /skip option to skip N records.  From the users guide:

Specifies the number of records to skip at the start of an EZ data set before
beginning to read the data. By default, no records are skipped.

For ASCII files a "record" refers to a single line in the file (i.e., a newline
character). If the FORMAT statement contains slash characters the "data record"
may be multiple lines; the /SKIP qualifier is independent of this fact.

For FORTRAN-structured binary files the /SKIP argument refers to the number of
binary records to be skipped.

For unstructured (stream) binary files (e.g., output of a C program) the /SKIP
argument refers to the number of words (4-byte quantities) to skip before
reading begins.

	Jerry Davison

On Jan 14, 10:40am, Curt Crandall wrote:
> Subject: reading past header records
> I have files containing a header record before the data.  Since I have
> many files like this, it would be convienient to read over them rather
> than to make a copy and delete the header.  How do I do this?
> Thanks
> --
> Curt Crandall
> NOAA/Satellite Active Archive
> (301) 763-8591
> ccrandal@saadev.saa.noaa.gov
>-- End of excerpt from Curt Crandall


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