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Saving 4D data slicewise

Hello Ferreteers,
I'm trying to do a rather memory intensive calculation and to be 
able to do it at all I would like to save intermediate results slicewise 
to a file.
Unfortunately the nature of the problem is such that a slice must be defined 
along one of the first two axes (i or j-index say!!!). Does anyone know if 
it is possible to in principle do something like 
let var=u*v  ! on some grid where u,v are 4 dimensional: u(i,j,k,l)
repeat/i=1:10 (save/file=var.cdf/append/i=`i` var[i=`i`])   ! not /l=`l`

I know it works for the time axis, but that's not what I need.
Does netcdf allow to increase any dimension of a variable in an existing 

Cheers Nils 

Nils H. Rix
Dept. Theor. Oceanogr.            phone: (nat.)     0-431-597-3986
Inst. f. Meereskunde                   : (int.)  ++49-431-597-3986
Duesternbrookerweg 20               fax:         ++49-431-565-876
24105 Kiel, FRG                   e-mail: nrix@ifm.uni-kiel.de 

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