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Re: Creating new 3-dim Variables

Hello Ferreters!
Referring to my problem in creating a new 3-dimensional variable
(in 8. December 1997) I want to inform you now about the solution
(I have got it from Russell.Fiedler@marine.csiro.au):
The problem was: In a spem-ocean-model there is a ijk-grid following
the bottom topography. The 3-dimensional variable dz contains at each
ij-grid-point the thickness (in m) of each water layer:
for k = 1 the bottom layer, ... , for k = 11 the layer next to the
surface. To get a variable depth, which contains for k = 1 the surface
layer thickness, for k = 2 the summed thickness of the 2 upper layers, 
... , for k = 11 the summed thickness of all 11 layers (= water depth),  
you have to tell ferret as follows:

let depth= dz + dz[k=1:11@sum] - dz[k=@rsum]

That's all.

Bye, bye
Andreas Macrander (Institut fuer Meereskunde, Kiel, Germany).

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