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question on weq

Hi Ferreters!

A question concerning a somewhat tricky problem in FERRET:
I have two 2D timeseries along a section, streamfunction "psi(y,t)" and
heat transport "heat(y,t)" data.
Now I want to pick the heat transport value along the southernmost zero
line of the streamfunction and plot as a curve against time.

The first possibility is to pick these values with:

yes? let heattmp=heat*psi[y=@weq:0]   
yes? plot heattmp[y=@sum]

This would give me "a" curve.

The problem is now, that the streamfunction has closed zero contours in
it - so, at a give time, there could be more than one zero points. But I
want the heat values only along the southernmost zero contour of the

So, has anyone an idea how to tell the "weq" transformation to run from
south to north and pick only the southernmost value? And then to pick the
value of heat at these latitude?



  Arne Biastoch
  Institut fuer Meereskunde             phone: 49-431-597 3804 
  Dept. Theoretical Oceanography        fax  : 49-431-565876 
  Duesternbrooker Weg 20                email: abiastoch@ifm.uni-kiel.de
  24105 Kiel, Germany                  
  Internet: http://www.ifm.uni-kiel.de/to/data/pers/abiastoch.html

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