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Pentium II problems under Linux


This is an old problem but it has not been solved for me by the version

I am unable to run ferret on the PII on which runs under Linux (RedHat
4.2 package).

I get the following message :

        Program FERRET (GUI)
        Version 4.90 - 11/21/97
        09-Dec-97 19:13     

yes? plot/I=1:100 sin(3.14*i/100)
Record too long for input buffer
Program terminated by fatal I/O error
Abort (core dumped)

It is not a hardware problem as it also shows up on another PII. The old
Pentiums seem to work fine.

Thank you for your help.

	Best regards


Jan Polcher                                           TEL: -33-1-44277352
Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique du CNRS         FAX: -33-1-44276272
Tour 25, 5eme étage,  BP 99,     4 pl. Jussieu,      75252 PARIS cedex 05
http://www.lmd.jussieu.fr/~polcher/            Jan.Polcher@lmd.jussieu.fr

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