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I was experimenting with creating animations on Ferret.  When doing so,
I tried running the example that was on page 83 of the Ferret User's

set data coads_climatology
set region/@W
let/title="SST Anomaly" sst_anom = sst - sst[l=1:12@ave]
repeat/l=1:12 (fill sst_anom; frame/file=my_movie.mgm)

I placed this script into a file and ran it.  It executed the first
three statements and stopped.  I had to type the fourth statement in at
the command line to get it to create the movie file.  I then tried
placing the fourth line in its own file, mov.jnl and inserting 
go mov into the original script.  It also stopped after the 3rd
statement.  Does anyone know why execution is halted without error after
the "let" statement?

Curt Crandall
NOAA/Satellite Active Archive
(301) 763-8591

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