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dashed lines using plot

Hello All

I am trying to control the use of dashed or coloured lines using plot.
I know that it's possible to use the following command sequence to control
line colours and thicknesses:

plot/set_up .....
ppl pen ? []
ppl plot

This appears to have the same kind of result as using plot/line=n, where 
n specifies a pen colour or thickness. The manual states, though, that
line styles are device-dependent and may appear as either colours or
dashed lines. 

I'm plotting more than one curve on a graph, using:

plot/set_up x,y
ppl plot

... and would like to force both solid and dashed lines on the plot.

Does anyone know how to do this?



Dr Alec Joubert                   
Climatology Research Group         Tel:   +27 11 716 2998
University of the Witwatersrand    Fax    +27 11 716 3161
P.O. Wits 2050                     Email: alec@crg.bpb.wits.ac.za    
SOUTH AFRICA                       WWW:   http://crg.bpb.wits.ac.za

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