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re: LDEO depths



On Nov 12,  4:02pm, Kim Seong-Joong wrote:
> Subject:
> Hello folks,
>         Please help me. I am trying to calculate density using annual mean
>  temperature and salinity from LDEO under ferret. Problem is the depth
>  is not constant. There are 33 levels with different increments from 0.0 m to
> 5500 m. Does anybody know how to convert the levels into real depths using
>  ferret commands. Thank you.
>-- End of excerpt from Kim Seong-Joong


Hi Kim,

If you have the depths available in a Ferret variable (i.e if you could type
	yes? LIST my_depths
and see your depths) then you can use this technique:

  DEFINE AXIS/DEPTH/FROM_DATA/NAME=LDEOdepths/Z/units=meters my_depths
  LET my_temp = temp[gz=my_depths@asn]

Now use my_temp instead of temp -- my_temp will be based on the Z axis of
irregular depths.

	- steve


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