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Re: missing contour labels

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I have the problem with missing contour labels in my plotting. it 
might be originated from quite noisy and jiggly contour lines, which
can lead to lack of contour labels. I heard that there is a solution
for it and like to label every contour lines. Could you help me with

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You are probably right that the missing labels are due to
jiggly and dense contours. The algorithm that ferret uses
to choose sites for contour labels tries to figure out where
the label will not overwrite other contour lines, and if the
lines are dense or jiggly, that may lead to no labels. One
solution is as you suggest: make several repeated contour/overlays,
each time specifying a single contour level. You can also play
with the command:

ppl conset,hgt,nsig,narc,dashln,spacln,cay,nrng,dslab

See the "PPL enhancements" guide. The argument dslab is the 
distance between contour labels along a single line. Try adjusting 
this. In my experience, the labels can be extremely sensitive to 
values of dslab: a slight change can take you from no labels to 
way too many.

Billy K

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