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Running ferret on a DEC Alpha


We've been running ferret under Solaris/openwin for quite a while now, but
have recently moved to a DEC Alpha running Digital Unix 4.0b (OSF/1) and

However, after installing ferret (v4.45) on this machine, any attempts to
perform graphical operations result in a segmentation fault and core dump,
and running 'ferret -gui' produces a huge number of errors, like this:

Unaligned access pid=[some pid#] <ferret> va=[some number] pc=[some number]
ra=[some number] inst=[some number]

...with the value of 'va' increasing, while the other numbers stay the same.

I'm not that familiar with DEC unix, but the above seems to be a memory
access problem (?!).  The results are the same whether I'm running under
the standard 'xdm' or the CDE window manager, so unless it's a common X11
library problem, I don't think it's X11 itself.   I have also applied the
patch (20jan97) but to no avail.

Has anyone seen this problem before (or have a fix for it)?


Greg Williams - WNI Weathernews - 4/25 Prospect Street, Box Hill, VIC, 3128
EMAIL: greg@wni.co.jp       TEL: (613) 9899 3140       FAX: (613) 9899 3141

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