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two special plots

Hi Ferreters,

I have two questions concerning special plots:

1. I want to make a section from a 3D data set which is arbitary located
   (not only diagonal like arbsect.jnl). Each point of the section is
   given by a longitude/latitude pair, maybe in a file:

   20 -25
   19 -24
   20 -23
   19 -22
   18 -21
   17 -21
   16 -20

   Does anyone did this before?
   Is there any chance to convert the geographical axis information into
   distance units of this section?

2. I want to plot drifter trajectories. For each time lat,lon and depth
   are given. There is no problem to do a "plot/vs lon,lat" to see the
   horizontal information - but about the vertical?
   Does anyone tried to put a depth information via color on the
   trajectories, e.g. one color for a depth range? 



  Arne Biastoch
  Institut fuer Meereskunde             phone: 49-431-597 3804 
  Dept. Theoretical Oceanography        fax  : 49-431-565876 
  Duesternbrooker Weg 20                email: abiastoch@ifm.uni-kiel.de
  24105 Kiel, Germany                   
  --> Internet: http://www.ifm.uni-kiel.de/to/woce/agulhas/agape.html

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