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Re: Problem with Fapplette '*'


If you have installed Ferret and sourced the "ferret_paths" file, when you

  Fpalette '*'

from the UNIX shell prompt (not within Ferret), you should get a listing of the
available palettes.  If this doesn't work for you, can you please cut and paste
the response you get on your system, and email it to me?  That will help in
figuring out and solving the problem.


	Jerry Davison

On Jul 11, 10:01pm, yeli@CERCA.UMONTREAL.CA wrote:
> Subject: Problem with Fapplette '*'
> Dear Ferreter,
> 	It is nice to be here.
> 	Since I am a new-comer, hope you wouldn't mind my navie question:
> 	When I tried to see the available palettes for shading, I type the
> " Fpalette '*' "
> command, I cannot get anything, what is the problem?
> 	Thanks in advance.
> Sincerely
> Ye Li
>-- End of excerpt from yeli@CERCA.UMONTREAL.CA


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