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accessing CD-ROM files

Hi Ferreters,

does somebody ever tried to access NetCDF files written on a CD-ROM?

For archiving and backup my data I have written Files on a CD-ROM.
After mounting everything works fine, I can access the data by an editor
and other programs (e.g. ncview). Only FERRET fails with the following
**TMAP ERR: non-existent or not on line

I have tried several commands (quoting the filename, using absolute
filenames etc.) but none of them worked. The only way is to copy the files
to a directory of the hard disk - but this not way I have choosen the
CD-ROM for.


  Arne Biastoch
  Institut fuer Meereskunde                             /|
  Dept. Theoretical Oceanography                    /| / | 
  Duesternbrooker Weg 20                           / |/  |
  24105 Kiel, Germany                             /  |   |
                                                 /   |   |
  phone: 49-431-597 3804                     ~~~/    |___+~~~~
  fax  : 49-431-565876                     ~~~/_____+~~~~~~~ 
  email: abiastoch@ifm.uni-kiel.de        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  

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