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Re: paper size?

On Jun 19,  8:33am, iwainer@ifremer.FR wrote:
> Subject: paper size?
> I just sent some beautiful colored plots to be printed only to find that the
> numbers on the colored scale were "cut", didnt come out. I was told that it
> happens because the paper size here in France is A4 ...
> Is there anyway to adjust the printout to the paper size? or in other words,
> to I avoid my numbers being cut off the edge of the paper when printed?
> thanks!!
> Ilana Wainer
>-- End of excerpt from iwainer@ifremer.FR

Yes Ilana,

	What is required is to change the location of the plot inside the
plotting window on the page. There are a number of commands (mostly PPLUS) that
will enable this. There are also gksm2ps options that will help. Refer to the
manual for specifics, but here is a brief example that may assist you:

yes? set data mydata
yes? set mode meta
yes? fill/set myvar
yes? pplus origin,1.0   ! Moves plot to left of page
yes? pplus axlen,5.5    ! Shortens x-axis
yes? ppl fill
yes? quit

THEN, gksm2ps as usual.......

do the regular stuff to get the metafile.plt, THEN:
>> gksm2ps -o my_plot.ps -g WxH+X+Y metafile.plt

where you replace:
	W with the WIDTH of the plot
	H with the HEIGHT
	X with the X-origin
	Y with the Y-origin
example: -g 400x720+20+20
The units are printers points (1/72nd of an inch.. or approximately 0.035 cm)

Good Luck, Mark

P.s. you might also try turning on the plot frame in PPLUS to help determine
how much you need to shrink or move the plot (check the PPLUS manual in the
$FERRET_DIR/docs directory).


	      Dr. Mark Verschell (verschell@coaps.fsu.edu)
	      Center for Ocean and Atmospheric Prediction Studies
	      Florida State University
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              R.M. Johnson Bldg. - Suite 200
	      Tallahassee, FL  32306-3041
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