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Re: X virtual frame buffer and -unmapped

Hi Emilio,

The X virtual frame buffer (a.k.a. "Xvfb") is a standard part of the X11R6
release from MIT. Some vendors have packaged it into their OS distributions ...
others it appears have not.

We have Xvfb installed and running here on Solaris and DEC/OSF (a.k.a. DEC
Unix). Contact Kevin O'Brien (kobrien@pmel.noaa.gov) and he can help get you
going on either of those systems.

	- steve


On Jun 18,  2:10pm, E. Mayorga wrote:
> Subject: X virtual frame buffer and -unmapped
> I want to create GIF images in batch processes, when no X session is on.
> ferret -unmapped has worked well when an X session is on, but that
> restriction leads to other complications. I understand I need to install
> the X virtual frame buffer, which is supposed to be a standard component
> of X11. I've asked 3 system managers, and none of them have dealt with
> Xvfb before (I found some relevant links on the web). I use Solaris 2.5 on
> a SPARC 10.
> Has anyone installed the Xvfb before? Where do I get it? Once installed
> (any hints on how to do that?), how do I use it -- that is, does someone
> have an example of the sequence of commands you would need to send a
> ferret -unmapped [journal file] command to the Xvfb?
> Alternatively, I understand that Ferret Vers. 5 will have this capability
> completely wrapped into the "-batch" option -- does that mean Xvfb won't
> be necessary? If so, maybe I should just wait for V5... ?
> Thanks.
> Emilio Mayorga
> _________________________________________________________________
> University of Washington
> School of Oceanography			emiliom@u.washington.edu
> Box 357940				ph. (206) 543-5334
> Seattle, WA  98195-7940	  USA		FAX (206) 685-3351
> http://boto.ocean.washington.edu/staff_pages/emilio/
>-- End of excerpt from E. Mayorga

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