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Hi everybody,

Thanks to Parker MacCready, Mahally Kudsy and Steve Hankin
for helping to solve my task of reading a global NetCDF file,
e.g. 'etopo60', cutting out the North Pacific part of it,
converting the result into ASCII and saving it into another file.
Shown below is a simple code provided by Steve Hankin,
which illustrates how one may take advantage of an extensive
data collection which is available along with Ferret:

set data etopo60
set region/x=120E:105W/y=22N:62N
save/file=bottom.dat/format=(5F12.5)/nohead rose
save/file=bottom2.dat/format=(5F12.5)/heading=enhanced rose

an option with 'heading=enhanced' provides all information
required for reading the resulting ASCII file into a FORTRAN

This is a convenient way to FORTRAN-access, the World Ocean Atlas 94,
COADS data, et al.



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