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Re: Net CDF to ASCII or binary

On Thu, 29 May 1997, Grigory Monterey wrote:

> Example: I am trying to cut out the North Pacific (e.g., 120E:105W/22:62)
> bottom topography out of 'etopo60.001' file which is in 'fer_dsets', then
> to convert the result to ASCII file which I could read in FORTRAN.

The way I did was something like follow

? set data etopo60
? def axis/x=120e:105e:1 xaxis
? def axis/y=22:62:1 yaxis
? def grid/x=xaxis/y=yaxis ngrid
? set region/@N  -> or other region you can redefine
? save/file=north.cdf rose[g=ngrid]

then I use ncdump

ncdump -f fortran north.cdf > north.cdl
You can edit the cdl file

Note! Please see in the manual man ncdump. There are many ways
to ncdump, including the dumping only the data part.
I hope this will help you. Or Steve will help you in a better way


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