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Numerical values in label strings

   Dear Ferret Users,

      I'd like to make a plot label which includes the value of a
 variable. For instance, imagine I want a plot which includes a
 statement of the mean value of the variable plotted:

      plot/x=0:10 VAR
      let VAR_MEAN = VAR[x=0:10@AVE]
      label xxx,yyy,-1,0,0.16 @TRMean:<something-or-other>

   where <something-or-other> is an expression which will act to include
 the value of VAR_MEAN in the label string (for instance, Mean:12.7).
 Can anyone provide a solution, or a clue to one?

   (For the information of fellow Ferret users, I know how to do this when
 the value is an argument of a GO tool:

       label xxx,yyy,-1,0,0.16 @TR'LAB_STRING'

     - which is a useful little trick)


Simon Evans (simon@maths.unsw.edu.au)
Physical Oceanography Group
School of Mathematics, University of New South Wales, Australia.

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