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Re: Fprint question...

Hi Gary -

'mtt' is a routine used at one time to convert Ferret metafiles to PostScript.
 It has been replaced by 'gksm2ps'.  The script 'Fprint' can be used to call
gksm2ps and print the resulting file on a local printer; Fprint must be
customized for your site.

Can you tell me what version of Ferret you are using?  That will help me
determine what you should be using.  The version number is printed out by
ferret to your terminal each time you start Ferret.  If you are using quite an
old version you will benefit by getting the latest update.

Please reply to me rather than ferret_users; we can send a final follow-up to
the group after we've determined the problem and its solution.


	Jerry Davison

On Apr 28,  2:24pm, Gary Strand wrote:
> Subject: Fprint question...
> What is 'mtt' and where did it come from?
> Our system has been undergoing some changes and apparently 'mtt' is no longer
> anywhere in my PATH. 'gksm2ps' translates my metafiles to PostScript, but
> just a blank page.
> Any help is appreciated. TIA.
> --
> Gary Strand
> strandwg@ucar.edu
>-- End of excerpt from Gary Strand


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