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Re: climatologies


Thanks for your quick reply! Phew! I'm glad I asked, I was getting very
frustrated. I've tried the first of your proposed solutions, and it works
just fine. Thanks! I'm including a copy of your message so that everyone
else in the list may benefit from it.


Emilio Mayorga


On Thu, 10 Apr 1997, Steve Hankin wrote:

> Hi Emilio,
> The misbehavior you describe is due to a bug in version 4.45 (and earlier) of
> Ferret. It has been located and fixed and it will be OK in the next Ferret
> version ... but (sigh) not in the version that you have. Here is an easy
> work-around.
> BUG:
>   When using an @MOD regridding and requesting the last element of the
>   modulo axis the data sometimes appear to be all missing values.
>   The bug appears only in attempting to access the last element of the axis
>    **alone**. To work around it make sure that you are requesting at least
>    two points on the modulo axis.
> ! this exhibits the bad behavior
> ! but this is fine
>    SHADE/L=12 EET_MEANYR[L=11:12]
> ! alternatively, this is also fine (by caching the correct result in Ferret)
>    LOAD EET_MEANYR[L=11:12]	! cache a region of 2 points on the modulo axis

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