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Re: Ferret without an X display


This problem was introduced in version 4.40 or 4.41 which was the first
official release of the graphical user interface.  (Certain calls to
Xlib were made BEFORE determining whether the "-gui" flag was set.)
This bug was fixed in version 4.42.

If you cannot provide a valid X display for Ferret to use then you will have
to upgrade to a more recent release of Ferret.

-- Jon

On Feb 27,  4:06pm, Chris Jack - Undergrad Student wrote:
> Subject: Ferret without an X display
> I am writing a unix script that calls ferret to create an image that is used
later in the script.  The problem is that no X-display is available for ferret
> open.  This caused ferret to terminate.  Even using the -unmapped switch on
> command line does not solve the problem.  Any suggestions or advise would
> be appreciated.
> cjack@egs.uct.ac.za
>-- End of excerpt from Chris Jack - Undergrad Student

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