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Ferret version 4.45 available

*** Announcing Ferret version 4.45 for SunOS, SGI, HP, IBM/AIX and DEC/Unix ***

	==> executables for Solaris will be available shortly <==

Version 4.45 is a "bug fix" release which brings all of the systems that we
support to the same version level.

Significant bugs which have been fixed include:

	o more robust point-and-click interface ("ferret -gui")

	o batch mode works without an X server (as it did pre-V4.4)

	o COS(latitude) is properly applied to transformations in the XZ plane

	o a ".nc" extension (as well as ".cdf") is recognized as a NetCDF file

	o the V4.4 Users Guide (240 pages):
	  - a text version brings the utilities Fhelp and Fapropos up to date
	  - the PostScript version has corrected page numbering in the index

The new files are available through the Ferret Web page or via anonymous ftp.

	Web address:   http://www.pmel.noaa.gov/ferret/home.html
	anonymous ftp: ferret.wrc.noaa.gov

Note that we will be offline for a period of about 4 hours on January 29
(beginning 1:00 Pacific Standard time) while our anonymous ftp server is

	Happy Ferreting

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