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digital bathymetric and coastline data for Uruguay--summary

Here is a summary of answers I received to my original question.  THanks
to the ferret users for their help.  

Unfortunately, none of these sources (that I have checked so far)
provides the ideal data for my application.  The 5x5 minute gridded
bathymetry is too coarse for my needs-- a 30 sec x 30 sec bathymetry is
available for workers at USGS, and that might do the trick, but so far I
haven't been able to obtain access to it.  Does anyone on the list know if
that is possible?   

The GEBCO maps are nice, but the GEBCO depth contours begin at 100m. The
area where we attached dive recorders on seals was at Isla de Lobos just
off the Rio de la Plata. The area is very shallow -- in fact, the deepest
dive we recorded was 80 meters.  

I'll check out the others as I can.

Thanks again.

Anne E. York
National Marine Mammal Laboratory
Seattle WA 98115-0070  USA
e-mail: york@orca.akctr.noaa.gov
Voice: 206-526-4039
Fax: 206-526-6615

Original Question:

Hello ferreters:

I'm trying to find a source of digital bathymetric and coastline data for
Uruguay, southern Brazil, and Northern Argentina. Does anyone know where I
might locate it.  

I apologize for asking a question that does not  directly pertain to



1.  Denise Worthen <dlw@kakapo.gsfc.nasa.gov>
had a couple of good suggestions that might be useful to others:

I would look at the LDEO Climate Group's WWW library. They have Navy 5x5 
(minute) gridded world bathymetry


You can use the data selection to grab just the lat/lon region you are 
interested in. It allows you to grab in NetCDF format, which can then be 
used directly in ferret. 

You can also check out 'physical geography resources' at 

http://feature.geography.wisc.edu/phys.htm#Earth Topography

2.  Mark Verschell <markv@shear.coaps.fsu.edu> suggested some CD-ROM data

1) NOAA/NGDC (National Geophysical Data Center) Marine Geological and
Geophysical Data from NGDC - Available from NGDC Boulder, CO

2) NOAA/NGDC Global Relief Data - Also available from NGDC Boulder, CO

3) GEBCO Digital Atlas - Available from the British Oceanographic Data 

3.  "Donald S. Dunbar" <dsd@oar.com> suggested the package GMT available
at the the Universtiy of Hawaii:

The freeware package GMT ( http://www.soest.hawaii.edu/soest/gmt.html )
comes with an excellent set of coastlines covering the entire world. 
The finest resolution map one is good for regions down to about 25 x 25
km.  It also comes with rivers and political boundaries.

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