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Batch mode difficulties with Ferret versions 4.40, 4.41

**** Batch mode difficulties with Ferret versions 4.40, 4.41 ****

Several Ferret users have reported problems running Ferret V4.4 and 4.41 in
"batch mode". It will not run when there is no X display available. It
aborts with the message "Error: Can't open display:".

This is due to an oversite on our part when we added the GUI interface
to Ferret.  Since the GUI, obviously, requires X windows no problem was
apparent when the GUI interface was being tested.  The problem became
apparent only when running V4.40/1 in batch mode.

Those people who are affected by this can retrieve version 4.3 of Ferret
for running "batch jobs".  V4.3 is nearly identical to V4.4 apart from the
absence of the GUI interface.  It does not require a display to run.
Instructions for picking up V4.3 of Ferret are given below.

This bug will be fixed in the next release of Ferret.

Please send E-mail to ferret@pmel.noaa.gov if there are any questions.



To install version 4.3 on a supported system

	o use anonymous ftp to node ferret.wrc.noaa.gov
	o binary
 	o cd pub
 	o cd to the relevant system type (e.g. solaris)
 	o cd previous_versions
 	o get ferret_v430.Z
 	o uncompress ferret_v430.Z
 	o move the uncompressed ferret_v430 into $FER_DIR/bin
 	o you may now execute it as "ferret_v430" from any directory

	o you may wish to rename ferret_v430 as "ferret_batch" or
	  perhaps rename ferret_v44x as "ferret_gui" to keep track
	  of them until the next release.


                   |  NOAA/PMEL               | ph. (206) 526-6801
Jonathan Callahan  |  7600 Sand Point Way NE  | FAX (206) 526-6744
                   |  Seattle, WA 98115-0070  | callahan@pmel.noaa.gov

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