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Re: Apologies and a question...

On Oct 30, 12:17pm, Mark Verschell wrote:
> On another topic - a warning. Ferret will not currently run under IRIX 6.2,
> appears to be caused by the new revision of X-windows (rev. 6). So if you are
> on SGI's and want to keep running ferret, leave one machine at IRIX 6.1 or
> below. I am working with Jerry Davison on this, though we might have to wait
> until Steve Hankin get's back from travel.

Well, I just answered my own question. It used to be that ferret would not run
well under TrueColor, but it didn't crash. Now it segmentation faults. The work
around is to use PsuedoColor (which was always true anyway). Sigh.



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